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I’ve finally decided to make a blog where I can share my techy thoughts and provide some tutorials. I keep having to figure out how to do some awesome, but equally challenging things, and have found that help doesn’t seem to exist in a simple and concise way! Everyone works differently and I think that it would be useful if I share some of my ideas with the community.

I’m a SQL DBA by trade, so, expect my posts to mostly be about: SQL, Powershell and Microsoft technologies. However, I do use a Mac as my main machine outside of work so they could swing that way as well. Whatever is piquing my interest!

When looking at a blogging platforms I decided to go with a Jekyll based website hosted on GitHub Pages, and I used it as an excuse to finally learn GitHub since I use SVN at work.

It’s also been a good excuse to use VSCode for the first time, and so far, I’m loving it!

Anyway… Welcome!